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These Demolition Fails Will Shock You (Scary)

Redbank, Australia Demolition Fail

As you can see in the video, this stubborn tower called Redbank in Australia didn’t go down for 40 minutes even with 220 pounds of explosives. After the explosion, this impressive building leaned to one side and decided to stay like that for a full 40 minutes. Later, authorities had to use jackhammer to make the base weaker and eventually topple the building.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota Demolition Fail

This old building, Zip Feed Mill tower, proved that it’s not ready to be torn down. In 2005, explosives were placed in the basement to take down the building. However, this South Dakota building decided to sit on its basement. This has caused 2 weeks for wrecking team to demolish the building using traditional methods. That’s not a cheap demolition!

Sevastopol, Crimea Demolition Fail

Don’t blame the work, blame the civilians 😊. The unfinished 16-year-old building refused to lose its stand after the exploding and just leaning on its side. However, the professional team blamed it on the residential areas and civilians because they weren’t able to reach the amount of “BOOM” that they desired. In the end, it took 3 attempts to complete the demolition.

Mad River Power Plant Demolition Fail – Ohio

In this video, Mad River Power Plant in Ohio decided to fall from the northeast instead of south. Of course, there was a reason that the crew wanted it to fall to the south and the towers unexpected change in position left a few power lines down and caused several unexpected explosions.


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