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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to do before my house is ready for demolition?

Before we can begin demolishing your house or garage we need you to do what is called a Hard Disconnect for Demolition. You need to contact your Gas and water/power service providers and request to have your services disconnected. Why can’t Infill Demolition do this? Disconnecting a properties services requires a contract between the service provider and the landowner. Don’t worry the cost to get your services disconnected is minimal! With that being said, it’s very important you plan to disconnect your services as soon as possible. It can often take your service provider up to 3 weeks to disconnect the services. Please also keep a copy of your service disconnection contract as we will need to see these documents before we can get a demo permit and begin demolition.

How long does a single family house demolition usually take?

A single-family house demolition can take anywhere from 2-4 days depending on the time of year, Square Footage of the house and whether there’s a garage that needs demolishing as well. Other time and cost adding factors are whether there’s a basement access to the site. If the site is smaller and harder to maneuver it may take longer.

Are we bondable, and Insured?

Yes. All of Infill Demolitions excavators and bonded and insured!

What's the largest project we do?

We do all types of stick-built residential demolition, as long as it is below 3 stories. This means we will be able to meet your demolition needs on most small-scale apartment demolitions and all garage and house demolitions!

What permits etc. do you need before demolition can begin?

We need a demolition permit as well as Alberta One Call, to come locate your service lines. It would take us no longer than 1 week to have both a demolition permit and the lines on your property located. Once both these tasks have been completed we can start the 2-4 day demolition process.

What's the smallest demolition project you'll do?

Infill Demolition will do single car garage demolitions and up! That means we’ll do demolitions from small garages all the way up to small-scale stick built apartment buildings and anything in-between! If you have a project that’s a little out of the ordinary, give us a call and let us know, we’re willing to take on challenges!