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Demolition Disaster: This Mans Rookie Mistake Nearly Cost Him His Life

The St Thomas West Demolition

Demolition is a serious task trust me we know! Demolition crews most of the time underestimate the importance of strategy on weakening specific areas to control where the building will fall. This video has taken by an office worker who was located near to the 11-story building collapse.

As you know, tripping and tipping is one of the common techniques used to take a building down. However, demolition process requires serious planning and delicate work. In the video, you will see an exact example of amateur demolition work. As the crew weakens the final supports to let the building fall everything went wrong. The back of the building collapse on excavator and we can hear that the worker who took the video is concerned with the safety of the operator at the demolition site.

Looking at this demolition fail video, we can easily understand the importance of using the right technique. Upon the release of this video, Tennessee branch of OSHA has started an investigation in order to make sure all safety precautions are taken for workers at demolition sites. We hope that this video will bring more attention and awareness, so we will not witness any similar demolition situations in the future! Check out the rest of our blog content here, or get in touch with Infill Demolition here!