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Our Story

Since we began building Infill homes in 2014 we have had one of two options. We could either use an overpriced, professional demolition company or an excavator from Kijiji. Each of these had their own benefits, risks, and drawbacks. When we chose a large demolition company we’d have to pay a price premium and we sometimes lost the companies attention as our demolition requirements were often small. The larger companies have most of their man-powered focused on their larger clients. With larger companies, the care and customer service were just not there. When we chose the discount route, hoping to find an excavator online, we often risked more than the price discount was worth. When using an excavator not tied to a company it’s tough to tell, if he knows what he’s doing or whether their insurance is up to date. The added risk may not be noticeable most of the time but when something does go wrong the outcome could derail your entire project.

These troubles led us to the creation of Infill Demolition. A company dedicated to fusing the skills required for excavation and demolition with the knowledge and perspective of a small-medium scale residential builder. With our unique perspective Demolition Infill offers these competitive advantages:


Demolition Consultation

At all times, Infill Demolition will not only have expert excavators and estimators on hand to provide you a quote, but we also offer the opportunity to talk with us from the perspective of a developer. Are you new to development? Are you just looking to re-build a new garage and have no idea where to start with city permits? Or maybe you’re a veteran builder who would appreciate a second opinion. Infill Demolition offers demolition consultation at no price with a broad perspective and knowledge base to help answer your questions. Get in touch and see if we can help answer your questions for free!



Don’t pay a premium to work with a large demolition company and stop skipping through Kijiji looking for cheap excavators! If you have a small-medium size demolition project call us first. We guarantee we’ll beat any large demolition company’s price. Infill Demolition is the perfect solution for residential demolition because it’s all we do. We promise to provide a much more satisfying experience than a sole excavator could offer with comparable pricing.



We call ourselves Edmonton’s Residential Demolition Experts and we mean it. We only hire excavators with over 10 years of experience, we’re bonded, insured and WCB’d. Our excavators have seen it all when it comes to residential demolition and we’ve seen it all when it comes to residential development. Our combined experience allows us to confidently and honestly tell our customers they will never get a better residential demolition experience.