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5 Craziest Demolitions Ever? What Do You Think?

Bridge Demolition Took Three Year to Complete

Sometimes, demolition is not just explosions and wrecking balls. Demolition of Port Man Bridge took about three years to complete. In the video, you can see how delicately demolition team works in order to complete the process. The 6,630-foot-long bridge was 64 years old with 4 lanes.

Historic Hotel Implosion in Detroit

Detroit Red Wing’s new hockey arena required more space, at the expense of this historic hotel in Detroit. This 13-story Park Avenue Hotel was 81 years old. Learn more about this building here. The demolition team used 200 pounds of dynamite to take it down. The video of the demolition is taken with a drone which allows you to have a great view of the process.

Historic Avondale Mills Smoke Stack Implosion

Historic Avondale Mills Smoke Stack Implosion rapidly went viral. You can understand the reason after watching the video. Tim Phifer has decided to work with an excavator after 2 failed attempts on this 112-year-old, 2.6-million-pound smoke stack. However, not everything goes as planned while he’s taking down the structure. The structure collapse right on top of Phifer’s excavator. Thankfully, the operator was able to step out just fine after the incident.

Chimney Helps Topple Building in Impressive Demolition

This video could be the best example of a successful demolition process. BAM, the demolition contractor, makes a brilliant move and directs 487-feet chimneys to each other with the explosions. With this move, they not only avoid stacks collapsing on nearby buildings or the water, but also use their power to destroy each other.

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